Your care data

Sharing of confidential information

At present, all information about you and the care you receive from us is stored in our secure Practice based system.
This information is for use solely by healthcare staff, to support your treatment and care.

What is CARE.DATA?
The NHS would like to use this information to plan and improve services to all patients Nationally, and would like to link information from all the different places where you receive care – such as your GP, hospital and community service – to help provide a full picture. They will automatically extract all your data to this new system from April 2014.

Summary Care Record is a National system of sharing your healthcare notes (including information on your conditions and medications) with all NHS organisations, so that you can receive the best quality care whenever, and wherever, you attend within the UK, seeking medical care.

Under CARE.DATA, information such as your postcode and NHS number, but not your name, are sent to a database where it can be linked with other health information and used for benefit at National level.
The government assure us that this is a secure database, but the infomation will be handled by care data controllers, who are not
NHS healthcare workers.  Some of this information will also be made available to non-NHS or non-healthcare related organisations.

You do have a choice.

If you are happy for your information to be used, you do not have to do anything.
If you have any concerns or questions please ask at reception for further information or download this leaflet: care.data_patient_FAQs-0913

Opting out
If you already know you want to opt out, then please use one of these two forms (downloadable or printable options):
Opt me out please

Or you can opt out by completing this form online:


Please note, opting out, will NOT affect the care, or treatment, that we – or any other NHS organisation – will be able to offer you.

Uncertain what to do?
If you are not yet sure, there are also a variety of websites that you can access further information:

The Government’s own site explains why they feel this is so important for the benefit of the Nation
Their case is strongly supported in this article write up in the Guardian newspaper.

PatientUK is a very well written site, with balanced information.

There are also some GPs who have taken steps to ensure patients are appropraitely informed:
Dr Neil Bhatia is a GP and Caldicott Guardian, who is very concerned about keeping patient’s data safe.
Dr Amir Hamman Has written a very detailed guideline and explanation on his patient’s website

All of these sites also have downloadable opt-out forms which can also be used by our patients, should you desire to opt out.

There are clear advanatges of allowing your data to be uploaded by the government, but many doctors worry about potential beaches of confidentiality.

The decision and choice can only be made by you.